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Posted by Michael McKee on January 2016
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HD-TVI, or High Definition Transport Video Interface, is a technology that converts digital signals to analog signals. This technology allows systems to achieve high definition video quality over coaxial cabling.  HD-TVI is backwards compatible with analog cameras and can support up to 960H analog cameras and up to 1080p HD-TVI cameras.

Here are some more frequently asked questions about HD-TVI:


  1. Is HD-TVI Available today?

  2. Is there more information about HD-TVI available?
    Download our High Definition Over Coax Solutions Whitepaper. 

High Definition Over Coax Whitepaper Download Now



  1. Will HD-TVI work over coaxial cable?

  2. Will HD-TVI work over old or existing coaxial cable?

  3. How far can HD-TVI transmit over RG59 and RG6?
    1,500 feet or 500 meters

  4. Will HD-TVI work over UTP and/or CAT5?

  5. How far can HD-TVI transmit over UTP?
    700 feet or 200 meters


  1. How many cameras can I connect to an HD-TVI ET Series digital video recorder (DVR)?
    ET Series DVR options: 
    • CR4000ET = 4 Channel = 4 HD-TVI or analog cameras
    • CR8000ET = 8 Channel = 8 HD-TVI or analog cameras
    • CR1600ET = 16 Channel = 16 HD-TVI or analog cameras

  2. Will old or existing analog cameras work with HD-TVI?

  3. Can I connect cameras to any BNC port on the back of the recorder?

  4. Do all HD-TVI ET Series DVRs record at 1080p?
    Yes, all of our ET Series DVRs record at 1080p @ 15fps. 

  5. I just plugged in my HD-TVI camera into the ET Series DVR and there is no image displaying.
    Is the camera not working?
    Yes, the camera is working. Whenever you plug an HD-TVI camera into the ET Series DVR, the sync signal between the camera and DVR needs to be sent. To send the sync signal, reboot your DVR. 


If you have other questions regarding HD-TVI or the ET Series DVRs, please contact our Technical Support Team at support@costarvideo.com or 1-888-694-7827 ext. 3. 


Costar Video Systems has released an HD-TVI product line of cameras and digital video recorders that utilizes the Transport Video Interface technology. HD-TVI will offer our customers even more flexibility when it comes to selecting a solution, allowing them to use analog, HD-TVI, IP, or a combination of the three technologies.


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