Top 5 Benefits of HD-TVI

Posted by Kyndall Frederick on January 2016
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HD-TVI, or High Definition Transport Video Interface, is a technology that converts digital signals to analog signals. This technology allows systems to achieve high definition video quality over coaxial cabling.  HD-TVI is backwards compatible with analog cameras and can support up to 960H analog cameras and up to 1080p HD-TVI cameras.


Here are 5 reasons to choose HD-TVI for your next surveillance solution:

  1. High Definition Image Quality
    HD-TVI currently supports 720p and 1080p, offering more pixels than traditional analog. The increased number of pixels supports the ability to zoom in on areas of interest during live and recorded video without distortion. 

  2. Longer Transmission Distance
    HD-TVI can transmit high definition video up to ~1500 feet (~ 500 meters) over RG59 coaxial cabling, 3 times the distance of IP. HD-TVI offers the longest transmission distance compared to other HD over coax technologies.

  3. Transitional Technology
    HD-TVI is backwards compatible with analog cameras and can run off of existing coaxial cable. This benefit makes HD-TVI a truly transitional technology 

  4. Simple Installation
    No IP networking required for HD-TVI! This technology installs as easily as traditional analog systems. HD-TVI can run long distances over coaxial cable, both RG59 and RG6, and twisted pair.

  5. Cost Effective System
    HD-TVI is an affordable technology for any budget, offering high definition megapixel technology at a fraction of the cost of IP. With existing coaxial cable in place, you can easily upgrade to HD-TVI with minimal cost. 

Want to learn more about HD-TVI or other high definition over coax technologies?
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Costar Video Systems has released an HD-TVI product line of cameras and digital video recorders that utilizes the Transport Video Interface technology. HD-TVI will offer our customers even more flexibility when it comes to selecting a solution, allowing them to use analog, HD-TVI, IP, or a combination of the three technologies.

Want to see our HD-TVI product line? 
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